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Will Wootton


PO Box 92

1324 Townline Rd

Craftsbury Common VT 05827


[email protected]

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by sculpture, in all its forms and varieties, from the traditional, to the cultural, to the outright weird. I like it staid, exquisite, political, angry, and ironic: it’s a mild but long term affliction with which I live happily.

My own practice began in high schools and then undergraduate college where I minored in sculpture and majored in writing. But all that was severely curtailed due to a professional life in higher education administration. It seemed to go on forever. Meanwhile, the best I could do was dabble. And look, visit museums and galleries, and walk through Christo’s Gates, still impressed on my mind.

I took up sculpture again immediately after retiring, retiring early in fact, partly because of a desire to engage more fully that part of my mind unsatisfied through what was a very satisfying (if at times enormously stressful) 30 year career.

My sculptures seem to be more ideas or imaginations than renderings of anything real, despite the geologic, deep time reality of rocks; indeed, I find myself most interested in motion, resistance, ambiguity, conflict and passivity…and beauty in the eye of the beholder.

I enjoy, too, providing entertainment and contemplation: earlier I created a set of Rock Kits that require active participation, or they remain just a small pile of stones. Some of my wall sculptures are designed to be hung vertically or horizontally. And both the large and small tableau rest on revolving bases.

My pieces consist almost entirely of found natural objects: wood (including sawn boards and split cordwood), stones, copper, bamboo, and other plant material. I use a few small steel nails, some wood oil, some wire, some glue. Usually, I identify my pieces by the location of the principle materials – stones derived from Vermont streams, the New England coast, and the northern Pacific coast. The bamboo is homegrown Vermont.