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Ellie Nina Roberts


437 Phillips Rd

West Glover, VT


[email protected]

As a child I was mesmerized by the treasures to be found in small shops on the coast of Maine, especially the rock shops offering quartz, crystals and the like. Later I became fascinated with the work of modernist jewelry artists and my desire to learn their techniques led me to take classes with Kerstin Nichols and other teachers. Thus began my romance with jewelry and gemstones

Today my work is inspired by nature, especially the sunrise, moonrise, flowers and other natural forms. My designs are fabricated from gold, silver, bronze, and copper combined with quality, one of a kind gemstones such as moonstone, labradorite, tanzanite, amber, lapis, amethyst, turquoise and opals.

I work in my sun-powered West Glover studio, using traditional metalsmithing tools such as hammers, stakes, files and vintage chasing tools. The resulting organic designs possess a special vibrancy, similar to a rare talisman or artifact. Each hand-crafted piece has movement, texture, simplicity and often, an essence of the Ancient.