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Judy B. Dales

Judy B. Dales' Quilt art   

Greensboro, VT


[email protected]

Most people expect quilt patterns to be geometric. Although I have worked with geometric patterns, for almost three decades now I have been creating one-of-a-kind, organic, curvilinear designs. The softness of the curves speaks to the feminine; flowing, curved shapes bring movement and energy to the imagery; subtle color combinations and elegant printed fabrics add sophistication.

As is true with many mediums, working with fiber exerts a unique discipline on the creative process, demanding that the basic designs have a certain amount of clarity and simplicity, which is then embellished with the complex beauty of fabric and stitch. The process begins as a distillation and then expands with a flourish into richness and complexity.

For all intents and purposes, the pieces I make qualify as quilts, but the intention is that they be hung on the wall and enjoyed as art. The larger works can be displayed like tapestries which allows one to enjoy the special qualities of fiber. The smaller pieces can be framed and displayed in a variety of ways. However they are hung, works of fiber can enhance the beauty of your home in a unique way.