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Gabriel Tempesta

Charcoal Paintings

Greensboro, Vermont

802 533-9239

[email protected]

Spending my formative years in the Vermont landscape has deeply influenced my painting. I am moved by the visual poetry in the trees and fields that surround me and look to capture and celebrate that with my artwork. I explore this landscape every day, seeking and always finding great inspiration.

My formal art training was from Montserrat College of Art where I received a B.F.A in illustration in 2002.

I have been “painting” with charcoal as my primary medium for the last four years. I love the way charcoal and water react and mix on clay-board or gesso-board which are hard, non-absorbent surfaces. The charcoal is then scratched and lifted off with tools and erasers to get the fine detail and is sealed with an archival poly-crylic coating to protect it in the end. I also occasionally use casein, which is an old fashioned, non-toxic milk based paint which comes in powdered form and when reconstituted with water dries to a hard waterproof finish. I am influenced by black and white photography and mostly use my own photos for reference in my paintings. The fact that they often look like black and white photographs is not intentional but arises out of my adherence to the photographic image in my artistic process. I use the camera as my sketch book and dive straight into the painting once I have chosen the photo I want to work from using charcoal and a paintbrush instead of a printer or darkroom.