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Anna Belle Loeb


193 Cheney Rd

Greensboro, VT 05841


631 Independence Street

New Orleans. LA 70117

[email protected]

When I paint I know images will show up unplanned. No matter where I start, surprises emerge. Sometimes inexplicable images appear, words pour into my mind, the paper talks back. The painting becomes its own reality, marks are dictated by this reality and then, perhaps, it changes.

I have learned that painting requires attentiveness to the materials and to my lines of inquiry. It requires time spent to allow “the soft animal of your body to love what it loves,” to let go of expectations, to be in your own body and to stand in your body’s response.

Imagination and memories feed my energy to paint. The painting becomes a holder of energy. At best the authenticity of this process communicates to the viewer.

Some of my paintings contain recognizable images, narrative, written words or political/public references. In my case life experiences flow from my youth, my children, my family, America, onto paper or canvas tacked onto a wall.